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Helping Children Get Fit

Yesterday I went to the school I adopted 18 years ago and met with its running club. I challenged them to see who the fastest girl and boy was and brought footballs as prizes. That got them interested! The P.E. teacher said that children who usually walk ran for the first time. And some of them were fast! I tried to keep up with the young woman shown here and she beat me — and she was wearing boots, not running shoes like I was. And the young man was even faster.

Many of them had just competed in the Cowtown Marathon’s C.A.L.F. 5K run and will compete in the Marathon’s big children’s 5K in February.

Since some of them are playing other sports, they wanted me to bring soccer balls and volleyballs the next time I come.

I gave them some running tips and urged them to keep up the excellent work. I also talked to them about the importance of studying hard and doing their best in everything they do. They were very receptive to these ideas.

With many of our children overweight and even obese, it is important that they exercise. When I was their age, President Kennedy encouraged children to run and I remember doing laps around the schoolyard.

I enjoy sponsoring the school and the Cowtown Marathon, two excellent causes

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