Helping Our Children

Yesterday it was fun going to the school I adopted many years ago to help the Cowtown Marathon. Its staff had come to the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School to give running shoes and socks to many students. I always enjoy being part of this Christmas in January because the children are so excited to get their gifts.

The Marathon pours over $200,000.00 each year into its charitable beneficiary, the Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) Program. This one-of-a-kind plan teaches our students the value of exercise, hard work, nutrition, and citizenship.

EDITED 2/10/20  The Marathon was just named as the best youth running program in the country by Running USA at the annual conference in Las Vegas this weekend. It was given a prize of $10,000 to invest into the C.A.L.F. Program. Congratulations to its Executive Director Heidi Swartz and her hard-working staff!

The staff goes to a whopping 125 schools and community centers and delivers an incredible 5,000 pairs of shoes and socks to underprivileged children. C.A.L.F. also pays for over 5,000 race registrations. Further, it helps train these kids so they can complete their own special children-only 5K race in late February. This is one of the largest races for youths in the U.S.

Every year, I pay the registration fee for any child and occasionally parents and teachers to run if requested.

Thank you to the Cowtown Marathon for all that you do to help our students live better lives.

That is why supporting Cowtown is one of my favorite causes. I have supported the Marathon and C.A.L.F Program., sponsored its 5K race, and served on its governing body since it was founded.

To my current and past clients

I will again pay for any of my clients who want to run (or walk) the adult 5K race or for your child to participate in the child’s 5K. Please contact my office and we will arrange your registration.

To all: It’s still January and you may have made a New Year’s Resolution to get more exercise or lose weight. Please lace up a pair of shoes and join us. It might change your life forever. You can register here.

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