Road Rage In Houston: Deputy Sheriff Shoots Driver In Head

Off-Duty Texas Law Enforcement Officer Injures Woman in Violent Road Rage Shooting 

We’ve all been here: An angry driver speeds down a busy highway, swerves between lanes, pulls in front of traffic and generally drives recklessly. No matter how infuriating this conduct is, the best thing to do is to stay clear and, if the driver appears to be a danger, call police. Engaging the driver puts your life at risk. A 20 year-old Houston woman discovered this after a road rage incident ended in a shooting.

Harris County Reserve Deputy Takes Out his Rage on Fellow Drivers

The victim is lucky to be alive after encountering an angry driver on the 610 Loop at the Stella Link between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby. On November 11, Harris County reserve deputy Kenneth Caplan was speeding down the Houston highway when he cut off the victim. She honked at him, switched to the other lane and pulled in front of him. After the cat-and-mouse exchange, the angry driver shot at his victim. The bullet grazed her head, fortunately causing only moderate injuries. One inch lower and she might have been killed or suffered much more serious head and face injuries.

The victim was able to pull over and call for help. She spent three
days in the hospital and has eight staples in her head. Because she was
so terrified, news agencies have declined to release her name.

Mr. Caplan fled the scene, ditched his car and reported it
stolen. He also dismantled his gun in hopes of avoiding detection.
Despite his efforts, police arrested Mr. Caplan on Monday and charged
him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on
$100,000 bond and has been terminated from his Precinct 6 job. Police
are still searching for his blue Camaro, which they believe Mr. Caplan
may have sold in Mexico.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Caplan has let his rage get the
best of him while driving. He was cited for an earlier road rage
incident and law enforcement officers are asking other victims of his
road rage to step forward.

Road Rage Common on Texas Highways

Although Mr. Caplan has been removed from the roads, angry drivers persist on Texas highways. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that one-half of all fatal crashes occur because of aggressive and angry drivers. Common signs of an angry driver include:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Holding up traffic in passing lane

If you come across an angry
driver, try not to become involved in a confrontation. Instead, keep
your distance, remain calm and call 911 if you believe the driver is
putting other motorists at risk.

Hold the angry driver responsible for an auto accident caused by road rage

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