Governor Perry Gets Residence Ideas from Former VP Cheney?

I was interested in the story in today’s papers where Rick Perry, who rents a huge house in Austin while the Governors Mansion is being rebuilt after being burned, has been claiming a homestead exemption — and getting a tax break — from a house he owns in College Station. And that now that the ruse was uncovered, he has agreed to repay the money.

This reminds me of the rused employed by Dick Cheney in 2000, who was living in Dallas and running Halliburton, but after being asked by George Bush to run as his vice president, flew to Wyoming on the last possible day to register to vote. Instant Wyoming residency! However, the 12th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution clearly forbids two people living in the same state (Texas) from running on the same ticket.

I filed suit to try to prevent this Constitutional violation . Unfortunately, the case was assigned to the head Dallas federal judge (who was appointed by President Reagan), and of course he dismissed the lawsuit. And when the case was appealed to the Fifth Court of Appeals in New Orleans, all three judges were Republicans. The U.S. Supreme Court, which had just ruled in favor of Bush-Cheney in the Florida case, refused our writ of certiorari.

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If my lawsuit had been successful, Dick Cheney would not have been allowed to run as VP.

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