How To Maximize The Monetary Value Of Your Case

Here are tips for you to get the most money after an n your pocket. If you are involved in a wreck and have been injured, here are some ways to recover quicker and enhance the monetary value of your case:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately – Same or next day emergency medical attention shows an insurance company or jury that you were injured.
  • Treat with a doctor on a regular basis, and at least once per week – Don’t allow any gaps in your medical treatment. Insurance adjusters and their lawyers will use this as a reason not to pay for all the medical care you need..
  • Tell the doctor where you are hurting – Whatever you tell the doctor is written down in your medical records. If you tell him you are feeling fine, or are only feeling pain at a level 2 out of 10, that will be in the records and will used against you.
  • Don’t talk about your prior injuries – Pre-existing conditions are used as a reason to deny paying for care related to the wreck.
  • Have a doctor’s note keeping you off work – Just because you were hurt in a car accident does not give you the right to take your self off work and expect the insurance company to pay for it. If you intend to file a lost wage claim, the missed time must be accompanied by a note from the doctor stating that you cannot work certain days because of your injuries.
  • Provide proof of your lost wages in writing – To prove your earnings and missed time, obtain documentation from your employer to prove your lost wage claim.
  • File with your health insurance – If you have health insurance, file all your medical bills on it. The more BlueCross or United Health Care pays, the less you will need to pay from the settlement and the more money you will receive, depending on several variables.
  • Check with your attorney if you are referred out for additional treatment – We need to help you monitor your case. We also request medical records from all of your doctors.
  • Call us if you have any new symptoms – We can help you get the medical care you need, but only if you tell us what your injuries are.
  • Stay in touch with our office – We need to be able to reach you to discuss you case.
  • Send us copies of any correspondence you receive concerning your case – Do not sign any documents or fill out any forms before we can review them.
  • Send us copies of medical bills and EOBs you receive from your health insurance – This will help u be sure that we know about all the medical care you receive so it can all be sent to the insurance company prior to settlement.

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