Fort Worth Truck Accident Victim Receives $350,000

Berenson Injury Law Succeeds in Tough Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawsuit

Joe was driving his 18-wheeler in Fort Worth when another 18-wheeler hit his trailer as he changed lanes. The driver was in pain and asked to be taken to a hospital by ambulance. Joe hired our personal injury law firm when he rightfully suspected he would be tricked (not treated) by the other driver’s insurance company.

Mr. Berenson and his staff got the evidence they needed and helped Joe try to heal. He ended up having surgery.

Mr. Berenson Injury filed a lawsuit when the 18 wheeler’s insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer of settlement.

Mr. Berenson was able to force a favorable settlement by proving that the truck driver was unqualified and poorly trained. He convinced the insurance company representatives and attorneys that the very small company owned by the other driver’s brother never should have hired him and that the crash caused our client to have back surgery.

Mr. Berenson was able to obtain seven times the amount of the insurance company’s first offer.

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