Mendoza School Career Day Today Was Remarkable

I adopted Rufino Mendoza Elementary School eight years ago because I wanted to do whatever I could to help out hardworking students on the North Side of Fort Worth.

I spent three hours this morning mentoring the children at Career Day. I wanted to inspire the fourth and fifth graders, many of whom I already know because I run and walk with it the after-school fitness club on Friday afternoons. (Almost all of them asked me if I could come today so of course I said yes.)

I I had them promise me — and themselves — that they would graduate not only from high school but from college. I had them talk about what careers they would like to pursue, what .

subjects they would have to study, how hard they would have to study and the importance of making good grades, what universities they wanted to attend, and how they could achieve their dreams.

I told them that I believed in them and knew that anything was possible – I had the students write that phrase at the bottom of a worksheet I gave them asking them about their career and college choices. The six classes were amazing and I hoped I changed a few lives this morning.

OK, time to go run with the kids. I’m getting them ready to run/walk the Cowtown Children’s 5K race in February.

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