Icy Roads in Fort Worth: What to Do

Black Ice

Today’s dangerous driving conditions are not what we wanted to kick off 2019. It’s been a bad morning on our roads. And the bigger problem is that we are not used to driving on icy roads in Fort Worth or North Texas. So many people don’t make any changes in their usual driving habits in their hurry to get from Point A to Point B.¬†They refuse to slow down, brake, or maintain a proper distance behind the vehicle in front of them. They keep dialing phone numbers and texting while driving. So it t will be a busy day for police, tow trucks, and injury lawyers.

UPDATED WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The Star Telegram reported Fort Worth experienced 51 traffic wrecks from 5 a.m. until noon, way more than the 21 the day before. Tomorrow, roads will remain icy in patches and a little snow might even fall.

The good news is these bad roads didn’t hit us on New Year’s Eve or on Saturday when the Cotton Bowl was in Arlington. And that it is going to warm up. And that Mr. Berenson’s University of Texas football team won their big bowl game last night. And that we don’t live in Detroit!

Hopefully today’s and tomorrow’s bad weather is all we have this winter.

Here are a few tips to help keep you safe today.

How to drive on icy roads in Fort Worth

We certainly hope that you are not involved in an automobile crash today (or at any other time) but if you unfortunately are, Berenson Injury Law has almost 40 years experience helping the victims of car wrecks recover their damages.

These are ways you can stay safe today:

  • Go into work later if you can — or better yet, stay home.
  • Plan a different route. Avoid bridges, overpasses, hills, and other dangerous places. Look up road conditions on this map from the Texas Department of Transportation or the local news. Black ice that is hard to see causes a lot of car crashes.
  • Check your vehicle and make sure that all safety features like lights, flashers, wipers, and battery are working.
  • Look at your auto insurance policy to make sure you have towing, collision, rental, and Personal Injury Protection benefits. Use your health insurance plan if you have to. Don’t let the hospital tell you they don’t have to file on your Aetna plan.
  • Carry an emergency kit, food, blanket, cell phone and charger.
  • Be hyper alert. Drive slower. Leave extra room. Expect the unexpected.
  • Don’t brake sharply, especially in a pickup or SUV. If you skid, steer into it.

Our Fort Worth Personal Injury Firm Can Help You

Each year almost one-half million people are injured in car and truck accidents due to bad weather — and how poorly people drive in it.

If we can help you, please call us at 1-888-801-8585 or click here.

We wish you a SAFE and happy New Year.

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