Icy Roads in North Texas For Next Few Days

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A winter weather advisory is in effect for North Texas today. There is a good chance of freezing temperatures and rain that could leave a sheet of ice on our roads and bridges.

By Saturday night, the wind chill may be almost zero degrees. We may break all-time low records on Sunday. The roads could be treacherous by then.

Texans rarely have to drive on dangerous streets, so the chance of being in a car or truck crash will multiply. Hitting a patch of ice could lead to disaster.

Here is a real-time map that will help you plan a safe route from DriveTexas.org.

The problem is compounded because other drivers will forget to slow down. Others will continue to text and drive. Even worse, some will drink and drive.

Unfortunately, police officers and emergency rooms (and yes, personal injury lawyers) will be busier than usual.

Tips to keep you safe

Don’t drive unless you have an emergency. Your chance of being in a collision will be zero. We are still under a quarantine, so hopefully you are working from home and your children are not at school.

If you have to go somewhere:

  • Inspect your vehicle before you leave to make sure that all safety features, including your battery, lights, and windshield wipers, are working.
  • Review your insurance policy to confirm that you have purchased collision, towing, rental, and Personal Injury Protection benefits.
  • Review your health insurance policy so you know which hospitals and doctors are in-network.
  • Pack an emergency safety kit with extra food, phone charger, and blanket.
  • Plan a different route without bridges, overpasses, and steep hills.
  • Study the link above, Google Maps, and Waze to survey wrecks and slower traffic.
  • Use your headlights.
  • Drive slower than usual. Leave extra space between the vehicle in front. Be prepared to stop.
  • Shift into a lower gear.
  • Drive extra defensively. Be looking ahead for a safe escape route including a small ditch off the road.
  • Do not apply your brakes quickly, especially if you are driving a SUV or truck. Take your foot off the brake if you start to slide and steer into a skid.

What to do if you are involved in a car accident

Here is information that everyone in a wreck should know.

If you are in a car accident on slippery roads, how does an insurance company or court know which driver is at fault? These cases can be more complicated than others.

Proving that the other driver was entirely at fault or that the weather did not create a sudden emergency will depend of the facts of your case. Texas compares the fault of all drivers to allocate damages. All drivers are required to operate their vehicles with a reasonable amount of care.

For more info: 10 myths about car accident claims

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