In-car navigation systems to quadruple by 2019

Navigation systems have been coming down in price lately, making in-car directions more accessible to more than just the super wealthy. A new study shows that these forces are converging to quadruple the systems by 2019.

That’s amounts to more than 13 million additional nav systems per year around the world, a total of 56 million units by 2019. The biggest increase will likely be in China, with sales projected to increase from 355,000 to 11.8 million.

I am not trying to discount the benefits that navigation systems provide. Being able to drive directly to a destination without fear of getting lost is great. Finding a gas station when you’re low on the highway can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, many people ignore the warnings not to operate the navigation systems while driving, and many drivers are constantly looking at the screens instead of the cars in front of them.

I have all too often seen the dangers of distracted drivers. So many of my clients would never have been involved in their wrecks had other drivers simply paid attention to what they were doing instead of texting or staring at their navigation systems.

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