Dallas DWI Dooms Daily Drama Diva

Breaking news: Longtime KXAS-TV anchorwoman Jane McGarry was arrested on the Dallas North Tollway in her 2007 Porsche early Sunday morning.

The DPS officer found that she had bloodshot, droopy eyes, swayed, and failed several sobriety tests including the walk-and-turn and the one-leg stand. Ms. McGarry admitted to drinking three glasses of wine.

It’s a shame that such a visible role model (Ms. McGarry has been on air at NBC 5 for 30 years) would do something like this, but I guess that every one makes mistakes, and fortunately no one was injured.

But I sue drunk drivers when they hurt my clients and fight to get large settlements or verdictson my cases

involving drunk driving. I just successfully concluded a DWI case last week. I also support and sponsor the efforts

of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for all they do to keep our roads safe.

I call on KXAS — and all other television and radio stations — to run public awareness ads warning people not to drink and drive. Here’s one that will make you think twice about it:


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