What A Good Personal Injury Lawyer Does

If you are driving on I-30 or Camp Bowie or Collins, you never think you’re going to be in automobile accident. Until you are.

Imagine if this had happened to you — it did last year to one of my clients whose review of my law firm is below.

He was driving his truck on Loop 820 in Fort Worth when a Camaro racing cut him off, slammed into his rear right quarter panel, and caused him to lose control. His truck flipped over and tumbled down the interstate end-over-end four and one half times and was hurled into the concrete median. He could have been killed. He was left hanging upside strangled by his shoulder harness and was bleeding.

The young man stopped, ran up, apologized, and offered to help. My client was rushed to the ER where he was diagnosed with lacerations and various injuries.

Then the other driver’s insurance company refused to pay my client. It claimed the Camaro driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. At 4:00 in the afternoon. I was incensed. My firm went to bat, investigated the facts, got statements, worked with his doctors, slashed his medical bills, and made his insurance company pay my client a substantial amount of money.

This is what we live for. It’s been another great week at Berenson Injury Law fighting for our clients. We were honored to receive that client’s and other reviews:★ In 2016 I had the unfortunate luck of being hit and injured by someone from out of state who was non-insured, driving a rental car. Everything in the previous statement made my case very difficult. Mr. Berenson and his staff fought very hard for me and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

If you find yourself or a loved one in an unfortunate situation where a personal injury attorney is needed, I highly recommend Mr. Berenson.

J. Freeman


 I was very satisfied with Mr. Berenson from the start to the end. Him and his staff were very helpful throughout this journey.

I would highly recommend Mr. Berenson. I was compensated way more than I expected.

Thank you Berenson Law firm.

C. Martin

 I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Mr. Berenson and his team. If I am ever in another situation where I need a personal injury lawyer, He would be the one I would choose hands down. My story is a little different in the fact that my former lawyer stole the funds I was getting from my settlement and if it wasn’t for Mr. Berenson fighting for me and having the heart that he does, me and my fiance would have walked away with nothing to show but high medical bills. My case took years and throughout the process he was persistently working on the case and following up.

Mr.Berenson is an example of how attorneys should be. If you choose him, you will not regret it. He was able to restore our faith that they are good lawyers that truly exist. Thank you Mr. Berenson.

M. Gonzales

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Enjoy this beautiful weather and stay safe out there!

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