Another Successful Month

I’m delighted that July was another strong month here, and to assist any one shopping for a good personal injury attorney in Fort Worth to handle your motor vehicle collision case, please consider:

1. Verdicts or settlements of over $650,000.00 for 19 clients, with an average of over $34,000.00, and no one large death or multiple injury case (and not counting a lawsuit that settled for $112,500.00 at the end of June.)

2. Insurance companies forced to pay the entire insurance policies to eight clients.

3. Two lawsuits filed, one against an 18 wheeler company, and took three depositions, prevailed at two court hearings, and fought for clients at several insurance proceedings.

I couldn’t have done this without my great clients and I wanted to thank them for the privilege of representing them.

People like Mike who called the other day to say that my legal service had been “awesome” ($137,500 received = maximum from four policies).

And wonderful clients like Christina who told me she was “so, so glad she hired me!” ($50,000.00 = maximum policy, with more money soon from UIM).

And Clarissa who said “I can’t believe that you got me that much money!” ($75,000.).

And Sherry who told me: “I’m very happy! You’ve been so good to me, calling me all the time, working so hard. Anything I needed, you were there for me. Thank you so much!” ($132,500.00 = maximum from three policies, including $30,000.00 in UIM she hadn’t paid for but I obtained any way).

Please call or email me if I can help you if you have been injured in a car or truck wreck in North Texas. I’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.


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