Latest DWIs in North Texas: Ex-Dallas Cowboy, Fiery Crash, Drunk Cop, and Airplane Assault

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Crazy Stories Show How Serious Drinking Problem Is Here

Since Texas leads the country in DWI crashes, it’s no surprise that we have a lot of them in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But the latest incidents reported just today are truly shocking.

Darren McFadden – Collin County Sheriff’s Office

1. Ex-Dallas Cowboy Found Asleep at the Wheel

Just after midnight Monday morning, former Dallas Cowboys running back Darrren McFadden, 31, was arrested.

He had fallen asleep in the drive-through lane of a fast food restaurant in McKinney.

No doubt he had too much to drink (or smoke?) watching the NFL championship games all day but the last one had ended four hours before.

You have to wonder how drunk or stoned he had to be at that point. And glad he didn’t crash into other drivers.

You will remember that it was barely a month ago when a Dallas jury awarded $25 million to the family of a Dallas Cowboy killed after another Cowboy who had consumed 17 alcoholic beverages flipped their Mercedes over at 110 miles per hour after leaving a bar.

2. Woman Pulled Out of Burning Truck After Drunk Driver Crashes Into Her

Charles Keisling -Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

One unfortunate woman wasn’t as lucky as the drivers in McKinney not hit by the ex-Cowboy.

Late on Wednesday night in Haltom City, a drunk driving suspect led police on a 90 mile per hour chase.

He crashed his Honda into a pickup truck turning in front of him.

The truck burst into flames and it took several minutes to pulled its driver out of her truck. She was rushed to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she remains in serious condition.

Charles Keisling, 30, was arrested for intoxication assault and evading arrest with a vehicle. He was taken to JPS Hospital and is still in the Tarrant County jail. That’s a good place for him.

He had been already been convicted for DWI in May of last year — his second in a little over six months.

Even worse, he had just been sentenced last week to 15 days in jail. Too bad he wasn’t already locked up.

3. Dallas Officer Arrested for DWI with his Kids Inside

Kevin Lewis Masters -Cedar Hill Police Department

Police in south Dallas were called to U.S. Highway 67, again very early this morning, after a motorist called to report a car swerving across the road and narrowly missing a wall.

Officers found the vehicle driven by Senior Corporal Kevin Masters, 44.

At least he was off duty.

He was driving with his children who were younger than 15 year old with him.

Masters failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving while intoxicated with a child passenger, a felony.

4. Drunk TCU Student Assaults Flight Crew and Passenger

Jeff Libbey – The Guardian

And then there’s Jeffrey Libbey, 21, a Texas Christian University student, who was just given a six month prison sentence in England after he guzzled a bottle of Bacardi on a London to DFW flight for beating up and biting up other passengers and crew.

What caused this poor boy’s rage? He had just received a text from a woman breaking up with him.  Really?  You’ve got to wonder what would really set him off, like getting his trust fund cut off.
The brawl was so frightening that the pilot had to turn the plane around and fly back to London. The police described his behavior as “drunken, abusive and violent.”
OK, this isn’t a DWI case per se, but the obnoxiousness of his behavior lands him in the Hall of Shame and brought the Horned Frogs and our entire state some bad PR.

We Must Take Action To Stop the DWIs and Alcohol-Fueled Assaults

We have to reduce the number of driving while intoxicated crashes. We have made these suggestions in several hundred blog posts over the past 10 years:

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