We Already Have Way Too Much Distracted Driving. Now This?

Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on our Dallas Fort Worth roadways and all over the country. In 2011 over 3,000 people were killed in the U.S. by drivers talking on their cell phones, texting, looking at video screens, Facebooking. changing radio stations, eating and drinking, applying makeup, or looking any where but in front of them. And this potentially fatal behavior is on the rise. We only represent the victims of car and truck collisions, and we are getting more and more accident cases where the other driver admits that he never even saw my client’s vehicle.

So I guess it was just a matter of time before someone invented the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk. According to its Amazon product description, this product is flat for writing and perfect for lunch or a snack. No, this isn’t one of those fake Saturday Night Live commercials. People are going to be passing you on I-35 with their Big Mac spread out in front of them and maybe taking notes at the same time — if they’re not already.

The National Highway Transporation Safety Administration has just announced that two seconds is the most time that a driver can take his eyes off the road safely. NHTSA has asked that vehicle manufacturers block drivers, while the vehicle is moving, from using cellular devices or watching video screens. Good luck with that!

Here is an excerpt from a police report on a case I am getting ready to file a lawsuit on where a driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even try to brake before smashing into my client.

A Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you recover your damages if you have been injured by a distracted driver. Berenson Law has been providing legal counsel for over 33 years to clients and their families when they have been hurt or killed due to another party’s negligence. We know how to deal with insurance companies and will help you level the playing field so you are not taken advantage of.

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