Lawsuit Filed After Tragic Crash

Berenson Injury Law filed suit on Friday to recover damages for a severely injured young man still in Cook Children’s Medical Center almost three months after a horrific crash on June 15th. Four people were killed and others were injured.

The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram reported on this tragic case and lawsuit on Sunday:

Family of injured Fort Worth teen sues over crash that killed four.pdf

Our prayers are with this young man and his family as well as the families of the driver and three Good Samaritans graciously helping her change a flat tire who tragically lost their lives that night.

We sue intoxicated drivers and seeks damages for the deaths, injuries and destruction they cause.

Just in 2011, DWIs and DUIs caused an astronomical 744 deaths, 4,802 serious injuries, and 14,838 wrecks in Texas. We lead the U.S. in this shameful category.

The lawsuit is here: Petition-Molina.pdf

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