Fort Worth Hit-and-Run Accidents Are Shockingly Routine

Man Seriously Injured by Fleeing Driver — Latest in an Epidemic of Hit-and-Runs

Gerry York was leaning against a car in the Stockyards last weekend when a pickup slammed into him, throwing him 20 feet forward, and causing him severe injuries. Mr. York was rushed to the hospital. The driver didn’t stop, as obviously required under state law.

Police continue to look for the early 1990s Chevy or GMC pickup truck that may have sustained front end damage during the crash. Police describe these hit-and-runs as difficult to solve because of the lack of evidence usually available. Mr. York is still hopeful that the driver will be brought to justice. I wish him the best of luck in his recovery. 

What if this had happened to you? Or maybe, God forbid, it has?

68 Hit-and-Runs During Past Three Weekends in Just Two Sections of Town 

Hit-and-run crashes are so comon in Fort Worth that our local news station WFAA8 just reported on this devastating problem. It noted that a staggering 68 hit-and-runs occurred just during the past three weekends from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Sunday in the north and west divisions of Fort Worth.

And KDAF-TV CW33 has referred to Sundance Square and the Stockyards — where Mr. York was hit — as the “danger zone” because of the high number of hit-and-run accidents in the popular Fort Worth entertainment centers and rampant consumption of alcohol.

These statistics do not include the numerous hit-and-runs in other areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, including the fatality of Timothy Campbell who was dragged on his motorized scooter in August on Interstate 35 or the Dallas family injured by a fleeing driver in Fair Park in September.

Berenson Injury Law has been retained on two separate hit-and-run incidents during the past week alone.  We are in the process of filing suit on behalf of our client who was crashed into by a man who fled the scene (but left his vehicle, so we were able to identify him). We just settled a case for the full insurance limits of a hit-and-run driver after filing suit.

We share the desire to bring these careless and uncaring drivers to justice. We pursue every means of compensation for the accident victims by conducting a relentless search for the driver and working with the police, eyewitnesses, and our client’s liability and health insurance companies.

Leaving Scene of Accident Treated Like DUI Under Texas Laws

Texas statutes require a driver to stop and render aid at the scene of an accident in which she or he is involved. Texas legislatures recently passed a law that imposes the same strict penalties on fleeing drivers as it does on drunk drivers. In the past, drunk drivers often took off to avoid a DUI. Law enforcement could not prove impairment of a hit-and-run driver who was later caught and who consequently faced a lighter sentence than a DUI. With passage of the new law, a driver has incentive to stay and help injured people at the scene. 

Under the new law, a hit-and-run driver may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison if a person dies in the accident and up to 10 years imprisonment if a person is seriously injured.

Were You Hit by a Driver Who Fled the Scene?

Berenson Injury Law helps victims of DWI and hit-and-run accidents get the justice they deserve. A strong supporter of MADD, Mr. Berenson realizes that many drivers flee the scene to avoid a DWI. Others may be uninsured. He strongly recommends that all drivers purchase at least the minimum amount of uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves in case this happens to them. He is committed to holding drunk and fleeing drivers accountable and working to put an end to these unnecessary tragedies.

Call our Dallas-Fort Worth law firm at 817-885-8000 or toll-free at 1-888-801-8585 to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced personal injury lawyer.

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