Local College Student Killed By Drunk Driver In Alabama

Another fatal DWI, this one tragically taking the life of Kasey Waychoff, age 19, from Flower Mound. Kasey died when she was hit by a car drive by Justin Lott, 29, early Friday. This beautiful young woman, who was a student at Oklahoma State University, was walking with her college girlfriends in Gulf Shores on the Alabama coast during spring break.

Handy Waychoff, Kasey’s grandfather, said Kasey was loved dearly by her parents, Shelby and Tracy Waychoff, and her brother, Wesley, who is also a student at OSU. “It’s a wonderful family, a good Christian family,” he said. “And she just had such a big heart.” Kasey was studying international finance at OSU and was going to study in Shanghai, China next year. My thoughts and prayers go out Kasey’s family.

DWIs are a huge problem every where, especially here in Texas. We lead the nation in the number of drunk driving-related fatalities with more than 1,500 each year. Alcohol-fueled crashes represent 45% of the vehicle fatalities in our state. That’s disgraceful.

Since the legal limit in Texas is .08 blood alcohol concentration, someone can be legally intoxicated with as few as two or three alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, too many people do not take the law seriously and ignore their own physical and mental state when they get behind the wheel, often with tragic consequences.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and had a loved one killed or injured in a drunk driving accident, contact a Fort Worth car accident attorney to discuss your options. You may have to file a lawsuit to recover your monetary damages from the driver at fault, although many of these cases can be settled out of court.

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