Low Back Injury Settled Successfully

We were delighted to get $155,000, the full amounts from two insurance policies, to resolve the claim of a Fort Worth woman crashed into last year.

The case was difficult. One of the first things the adverse claims adjuster and attorney look at when they are estimating a jury verdict are photographs of the damaged vehicles. Our client’s car sustained little property damage, as you can see. And the smaller Volkswagen Jetta that hit her had even less damage.

As a result, the other driver’s insurance company denied that she could have been very injured from what it denigrated as a MIST (Minor Impact Soft Tissue) case.

And the police report did not blame the other driver for being at fault. The testimony of the investigating officer is critical at trial.

Further, our client had just had major surgery to her back the year before. The other company naturally claimed that she suffered from a preexisting injury and it was not responsible for paying for those bills.

She had no lost wages as she was not working at the time.

Unfortunately, our client had to have back surgery to repair the damage done to hardware installed in the first surgery.

We gave her an interest-free loan and all of her personal injury protection benefits to help out as she recovered. We are very glad she is now better.

We obtained all of the evidence and fought to make sure our client got every penny she could get. Then we slashed her medical bills and cut our legal fee and expenses. As a result, she received almost $80,000 — more than one half of the total, which is highly unusual in a case like this.

Mr. Berenson met her and her husband this afternoon to give her her check and they were very happy.

Our client very nicely wrote this review on Google: “Mr. Berenson & his staff did a great job in representing me with my car accident case.”

We have some of the greatest clients in the world and several hundred other reviews like this can be found here, on the chance that you have been injured in a car accident in Fort Worth or Dallas and are shopping around for the best personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

It was our sincere pleasure to represent this wonderful woman and we wish her all the best in the world.


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