MADD Walks in Fort Worth and Dallas Were Huge Successes

I am pleased to report that I was just asked to be on the committee that is planning the next MADD Walk to raise money for this wonderful organization.

I love MADD. I hate drunk drivers.

The inaugural walk in late March, which came by my building here overlooking Trinity Park and the Trinity River, raised over $48,000.00. I was delighted to help set up the finishing area and make a contribution in honor of a wonderful client of mine who was injured when a drunk driver trying to escape from the Fort Worth police crashed into her and I will donate a commensurate amount of any verdict or settlement from a drunk driving case to MADD.

The walk in Dallas in early April raised $142,000.00, and again, I was pleased to contribute by buying tickets for high school students to see a multi media production documenting the horrors of drunk driving.

Drunk driving is a major problem in Texas. There are more drunk driving related fatalities here than any other state. Here’s a sobering statistic: wrecks involving drunk driving kill more than 1,500 people each year in Texas — almost one half of all motor vehicle fatalities!

Drivers are legally drunk in Texas if they have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or above. I think the BAC should be reduced to .06% An average adult will be legally intoxicated after as few as two or three beers or alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, many people decide to ignore the law and get behind the wheel of a car after consuming this amount or even much higher amounts of alcohol. The decision to risk your own life and the lives of others and drive drunk endangers is reckless and dangerous. Wrecks caused by drunk drivers can easily be devastating. They usually involve high rates of speed causing serious injuries from broken bones and brain injuries or even death.

I hate seeing innocent people getting injured because of a drunk driver’s stupidity. I will be working with state legislators to lobby them for stricter drunk driving laws and with the Fort Worth Police Department to enforce the drunk driving arrest laws.

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