MADD Walk Was Meaningful

The Fort Worth Walk Like MADD on Saturday was a painful but hopeful morning.

There were memorials left and tributes paid to those who lost their lives or have been injured due to driving while intoxicated collisions in our area.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is the only organization that fights to keep our roads safer by eliminating DWI crashes. It has helped reduce the number of drunk driving deaths by one-half since it was started in 1980 by the mother of a young woman who was crashed into by a DWI driver.

I was proud to be the presenting sponsor for the fifth year.

The money raised from the walks across the United States funds victims services, legislative lobbying efforts, and campaigns to stop this 100% preventable decision.

Long-time sports announcer Scott Murray (pictured below) gave a moving talk where he urged us to continue supporting the efforts to end drunk driving. He also told a harrowing story about four of his class mates who had perished after getting drunk on their prom night and how he could have been in that car.

I plan to continue to support this vital cause.

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