Why Are There Are So Many Car And Truck Collisions Here?

Shocking New AAA Safety Report Shows Causes

A study released yesterday found that 87 percent of drivers engaged in risking behavior while they were behind the wheel. In other words, almost every driver may be about to crash into you at any moment.

Dangerous driving like speeding, texting and talking on a cell phone, running a red light, driving drunk and not wearing a seat belt contributed to a staggering 33,000 traffic fatalities in 2014. That would fill up the AAC in Dallas almost two times over.

What is going on out there, as I often have to say here?

80% of drivers recognize distracted driving problems

There is no reason that 3,000 people should die in distracted driving crashes every year, is there? But despite realizing the dangers, a high percentage of drivers admitted that they engage in distracting conduct.

  • 70 percent talked on a cell phone during last 30 days
  • 31 percent do this on a regular basis 
  • 42 percent read an email or a text during the past 30 days
  • 12 percent do so regularly
  • 32 percent typed a message during past 30 days
  • 8 percent do so regularly 
Based on my personal observations and those of my injured clients, these numbers are much higher than reported.

10,000 deaths per year result from speeding

10,000 people are killed in traffic accidents each year because of speeding, with many thousands more suffering serious injuries. Despite the risks, drivers refuse to slow down:

  • Almost 50 percent went 15 mph over the posted speed limit during past month
  • 15 percent do so often
  • 45 percent went 10 mph above the speed limit during past month
  • 11 percent do so often

Tired drivers cause about 328,000 accidents

Sleep-deprived drivers account for about 328,000 accidents per year, 6,400 fatal and 109,000 that cause injuries. But, about 32 percent of people have driven while tired over the past 30 days and about 22 percent have done so more than once in the past month.

Red-light running killed almost 700 people

About 40 percent of drivers ran a red light during the previous month, whereas 25 percent did so multiple times in that time. As a result, about 700 people were killed in traffic accidents and 127,000 people were injured in 2013.

Seat belts reduce risk of traffic death by more than 45 percent

That seat belt use saves lives is proven. Nearly half of auto occupants who were killed in traffic accidents in 2013 were unrestrained. In fact, seat belt use can cut the risk of traffic accident death by nearly half. So why did one in five drivers not buckle up during the past month and one in seven fail to put on their seat belts on more than one occasion? 

Drunk driving results in 10,000 deaths annually 

Drunk driving results in close to 10,000 preventable fatalities annually. Incredulously, inebriated drivers continue to be a menace on our roadways. Thirteen percent of drivers reported driving after having too much to drink over the past year. Nine percent drove drunk at least twice in that time. 

Changing these behaviors can prevent accidents, injuries and deaths. But, even if you drive very carefully, you are placed at serious risk because other drivers continue to engage in dangerous conduct. 

If you are unfortunately injured in a crash, schedule a free case evaluation at Berenson Law Firm to find out how we can get the compensation you deserve.

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