Maximum $100,000 Recovered For Motorcycle Rider

We are pleased to announce that we successfully resolved the claim of an injured young man for the total amount of insurance available of $100,000.

Motorcycle cases can be more difficult than those where people are driving cars and trucks. Liability disputes are common. Jurors can hold biases against riders that can make large verdicts unusual, even though injuries can be severe.

Both drivers claimed they had the right of way when a light was changing from yellow to red. Worse, three eyewitnesses sided with the car driver and our client was seen riding at a high rate of speed just before the crash on his bright bike.

But Brandon was extremely injured and was in a great deal of pain. He had no idea how he could get his medical bills and lost wages paid.

Our work

We assured Brandon that he didn’t need to worry and jumped on his case. We wanted him to get better as fast as possible so he could get back to his former life and get as much money as possible.

We immediately worked with the hospital and doctors to make sure he was getting the necessary medical care and that they were filing on his health insurance company. This is often a problem in motor vehicle collision cases when the providers either refuse or delay filing on health insurance, wanting to get paid more from the other driver’s and the injured person’s available insurance policies.

We quickly ordered Brandon’s medical records and bills, sent the file and a lawsuit we were about to file, and argued with senior claims representatives and attorneys. After extensive negotiations, we prevailed and got them to tender the entire policy limits, even after they said they were certain they would win the liability dispute in court.

But we were not through. We then argued with our client’s health insurance plan that was legally entitled to be repaid in full for the bills it had paid under subrogation law and court rulings. We forced the company to reduce this young man’s bills by over $20,000. More information about how this unfair process works is here.

To make sure that Brandon received a fair settlement, we reduced our legal fee and waived all expenses. As a result of these reductions, he is receiving $37,000 cash a little over three months after his unfortunate crash. We always fight to get the highest recovery and the lowest payouts so that our clients receive the most money possible.

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Brandon’s review

Our client was very happy with the results and graciously wrote this on Google:

***** Bill Berenson is an amazing lawyer and will fight hard to get you what you deserve.

I got in a wreck Feb. 26 and before I’m even healed up he has won me the money I deserve.

Very respectable person hands down. Would hire him again!

Thank you very much, Brandon, for choosing our firm to represent you and for those kind words. And we certainly hope that you won’t need to hire us again!

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Berenson Injury Law fights to get our clients the compensation they deserve.


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