How To Get The Maximum Recovery In A DWI Collision – And More

I am representing a young woman and her brother who were injured when a drunk driver, going the wrong-direction on Interstate 35 near Alvarado, crashed into their car head-on at over 70 miles per hour. The car was destroyed.

The young woman, a college student, required surgery to repair her broken ankle and sustained other injuries, including head trauma. Her brother was fortunately not hurt as badly. It is a blessing that they were not killed or more seriously injured.

I sent my investigator to photograph her injuries. I investigated the case and quickly submitted photographs and medical bills and records to the Defendant’s high risk insurance company. Even with these facts, the adjuster tried to delay paying on the claim, requesting unnecessary extra documentation. I got on the phone and screamed at him and his claims manager, then sent the company a copy of the lawsuit I was about to file. The claims manager finally agreed to pay the full policy limits of the defendant’s policy without further expense or delay to my client.

In more good news, I forced my client’s family’s insurance company to pay the full policy limits because it could not prove that he had officially rejected Underinsured Motorists coverage in writing. Even though it had not paid for this coverage, I got $30,000.00 more for this wonderful family.

My clients were obviously very pleased with the results of their case.

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