Adopting Fort Worth School 10 Years Ago – Priceless

I visited the students at Rufino Mendoza Elementary School on the North Side of Fort Worth this week to see how the beginning of the school year was going. “My kids” are off to a great start. I was honored when they burst into applause when I walked in.

I volunteered with the Fort Worth Independent School District’s Adopt-A-School program because I wanted to give back to my community.  I believe that any student who applies him or herself should have the opportunity to excel. Some of the children I first worked with are now in college or working in good jobs.

Last year I donated seven partial college scholarships to fifth grade students to help them reach their goals. During their step-up ceremony, the students wore ball caps with the logos of their dream colleges. They will get even more money if they continue to exceed, which I’m sure they will.

I love working as an attorney and trying to inspire the students to choose a career that they feel passionate about. Career Day is coming up and I will again go to the school and try to encourage the children to become lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers, businesspeople – anyone they aspire to be. 

Of course good health and academic achievement go hand-in-hand. I enjoy participating in field day events and sponsoring students in local runs, like the annual Children’s Activities For Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) 5K which I am proud to again sponsor in a few weeks.

In the past, I have sponsored the team, helped buy them running shoes and socks, and run and walked with them. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they run across the finish line and see how much they enjoy being fit makes it more worthwhile.

I also talk to the students about what I eat being plant-based and how to make good food choices. I gave that delicious Honeycrisp apple I was holding to the fastest runner that day, a young man named Jose.

I look forward to another year of working with the bright students and the engaged teachers at this hard-working school. And I encourage you to adopt a school and get involved with wonderful kids like these.

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