Mendoza School Career Day Was Rewarding

Years ago I read about the FWISD Adopt-A-School program and wanted to give back to the community. I spent this morning at my ninth Mendoza School’s Career Day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I told “my kids” that they were awesome and that they could do anything they wanted to do with their lives. I made them stand up and promise me — and themselves — that they would study hard, get good grades, graduate from high school and college, and pick a career that they love. I showed them my diploma from the University of Texas at Austin and told them they could get one too, even an advanced degree.

I discussed the immense satisfaction they would get if they found a career they loved, as I have been fortunate enough to do. I touched on different areas of the law and discussed what attorneys do to help their clients.

I also mentioned the importance of diet and exercise. Many know me since I run/walk with them after school sometimes. I recognized those who had run past races and encouraged them to keep training for upcoming events.

I enjoy mentoring and motivating the children and encourage others to get involved with a program like this.

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