Insurance Companies’ Fraud Continues

I have written about how many insurance companies use illegal and improper handling claims practices Now Travelers has jumped on the bad behavior bandwagon.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, not known for criticizing insurance companies or big businesses, just ordered Travelers Insurance to stop airing a deceptive TV advertisement.

Thursday’s cease and desist letter says the ad wrongly tells Texas homeowners to purchase additional vehicle insurance or risk losing their homes if they have inadequate insurance after a traffic accident.

The truth is that state law already protect homeowners, so “it is improper for Travelers to scare Texans into buying insurance they may not need, ” Abbot explained.

Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Travelers could be liable for up to $20,000 for each airing of the ad.

I’m disgusted with Travelers over trying to rip off Texas consumers. Is it not enough that this megabillion dollar corporation already rakes in billions of dollars every year in premiums? Is not enough that they refuse to offer fair compensation to the innocent victims of their drivers’ negligence? Now they are scaring people into paying them even more so they can make even bigger profits?

I am currently fighting with Travelers on several cases. In one of them, it is refusing to pay for my client’s shoulder surgery that has been recommended by two different doctors. My poor client, David, is unable to work and his pain is unbearable. But of course Travelers only cares about their own bottom line, so it is requiring David to go through very painful physical therapy which is not helping and which both doctors have said will not heal him. I’m fighting hard and I won’t stop until my client gets the medical treatment he needs and the maximum recovery he deserves.

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