DFW Roads Deadly

Four collisions in North Texas, all possibly caused by DWI’s, left four people dead and 11 injured — just over a 12 hour period this weekend:

1. Sunday morning, 6 a.m.- a customer service truck was on the shoulder to help a stranded driver on the George Bush Turnpike in Richardson when a possibly drunk driver was killed when he crashed his car into the truck.

2. Sunday morning, 6 a.m – two police officers were injured when they were arresting a drunk driver on the shoulder of I-35 in Carrolton and another drunk driver crashed his car into their SUV (see photo).

3. Sunday morning, 5 a.m. – a 27 year old woman was killed and another woman was seriously injured when their driver, a drunk 22 year old man, crashed into a retaining wall in Northwest Dallas.

4. Sunday morning, 2 a.m. – a possibly drunk driver of a pickup truck was killed when he had been speeding, veered into another lane, and rammed a stopped tractor/trailer in south Dallas.

5. Saturday night, 6 p.m. – a 23 year old woman studying to be an R.N. was tragically killed and her 21 year old male passenger was critically injured when a drunk Tarrant County Sheriff Department employee driving at 70 m.p.h. crashed his truck into their car in north Forth Worth.

This is the 16th intoxicated law enforcement official involved in a crash in the last several years just in Tarrant County.

WTH is going on out there? Why should we have to risk our lives just to drive on our roads and highways? I’m more used to dealing with these horrible details than most people but these stories anger me, week after week, especially when alcohol and drugs are involved. Our state and local authorities must do more to control this deadly behavior.

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