More laws to watch out for

The Dallas Morning news ran an article on Friday about three more bills in the Texas Legislature worth mentioning here. I hope this blog will help you save money by alerting you of fines that may affect your lives as well as give you information about what to do if you have a wreck.

The first bill is a statewide ban on cell phones while driving in active school zones. The law is officially meant to protect children from distracted drivers, but if the 700 $25 tickets written in Highland Park during the past two years are any indication, there’s a financial gain to be had as well.

Second, seat belts would be required for all backseat drivers under a new law “speeding through the Legislature.” Currently, only front seat and rear passengers under 14 are required to wear safety belts. Opponents complain that we are getting closer to a “nanny state” with laws like these and people should buckle up without having to be told by the government. It’s a reasonable argument, but too many people, including many of my clients, do not wear safety belts and are severely injured as a result. I don’t like getting tickets any more than the next guy, but I also don’t want to see people getting hurt when a seat belt would have protected them.

Finally, the booster seat lobby is apparently stronger than anyone thought possible. A proposed law would require all children under the age of 7 and height less than 4’9″ to ride in a booster seat. This one seems to be going a bit too far. I feel sorry for any 4’8″ 6-year-olds who’s friends seem see him getting put into a car seat. The upside though is that if the bill passes, the fine for not using a booster seat would drop from $200 to $25, the revenue from which is supposed to help pay for seats for families who can’t afford them.

The original article is available here

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