More wrong-way drivers on the North Dallas Tollway cause wrecks

This year alone, at least four people have died, and several more have been injured in at least five wrecks caused by drivers going the wrong way on the Dallas North Tollway. At least ten other wrong-way drivers have been stopped by police before they caused wrecks.
In almost every case, the wrong-way driver has been under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately for drivers, as things are now, besides the red WRONG WAY and DO NOT ENTER signs on the exit ramps, there is little that can be done to stop the drivers who often exceed 70mph against traffic.

Harris County (Houston, TX) has installed sensors that detect wrong-way drivers using the same technology that is currently used to detect vehicles at traffic lights and to report traffic conditions on freeways. The sensors, installed at exit ramps along the Westpark Tollway, have been triggered 10 times since being installed last year. All of the drivers were stopped before they caused an accident. Six of them were suspected of being under the influence.

Installing a similar sensor system in Dallas is currently being considered by The North Texas Tollway Authority. Spike strips are also being considered.

With Fort Worth building its own tollway soon, we expect similar problems with wrong-way drivers on our road. If you are involved in a wreck with a drunk driver, call our law firm at 817-885-8000. We sue drunk drivers and bad drivers who injure innocent people.

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