Fort Worth Motorcycle Case Resolved For Limits Of $200,000

The parents of a man who died in a tragic motorcycle crash in Fort Worth obtained the total from two insurance policies. Their son was test riding a Honda when another car pulled out in front of him in Fort Worth. He had no time to react and was killed upon impact.

But the other driver’s insurance company refused to honor the claim, claiming its driver was not at fault, there was no proof of conscious pain and suffering, and other ridiculous excuses. I was about to take the case to court to court when the company paid the full amount. Its insured driver had no assets that could be seized for a further recovery of money so there was no reason to file a lawsuit.

We had also located an under insured motorist policy owned by a family member, but again the company resisted payment due to an alleged lack of coverage, etc. We prevailed again. The parents netted $150,000.00. But no amount of money could ever replace their wonderful son and this kind man.

Review written by clients

The man’s parents, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Colorado, were happy with our service and I was humbled by their Google review:

We would definitely recommend Bill Berenson and his staff to ANYONE who would have the unfortunate need for a personal injury attorney. They not only care about the case, THEY CARE ABOUT YOU AS HUMAN BEINGS.  

He helped us through a very difficult time and showed that he and his firm truly cared for us and grieved with us.  I wouldn’t hire anyone else!!  I can’t say enough about how good they are at caring for you and your case.  I feel like they are now our personal friends.  

If you need a GREAT attorney for a personal injury, please call William K. Berenson FIRST.  You won’t regret it.

There are too many motorcycle crashes and injuries

I’ve handled motorcycle accidents in Fort Worth for the past 37 years and used to ride one (OK, so that was back in the 70’s at the University of Texas in Austin and during law school in Dallas at SMU) and I understand their appeal to a lot of people.But motorcycles are not safe. They don’t begin to protect their drivers the way that cars and trucks do. They are much smaller, not as stable, less visible, and have no safety features. A high speed crash almost guarantees a serious injury and even death.

I attended the funeral of another client two weeks ago who was hit on his motorcycle in Fort Worth not that far from the scene described above. The two men were about the same ages and were a lot alike. It was such a sad day. I had been able to obtain good recoveries for this wonderful man before for three crashes he had been in (as well as for an automobile wreck his parents were in). Video footage revealed that here he was at fault — not that it mattered.

This photograph is from a retired client who was seriously injured on his beloved bike. I’ve had to handle many others like this. It’s horrible that in 2006 over 35 times more people died from motorcycle wrecks than from car accidents.

We all — car and truck drivers and motorcycle riders — need to slow down, yield the right of way, and look out for each other on the roads.


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