Motorcycle Accidents Successfully Handled

I just negotiated a settlement for the full insurance policy limits  for a young man in a motorcycle accident.

He was lucky. The U.S. government just released a report today that bike crashes are increasingly deadly. Motorcycle riders were 30 times more likely to die in a crash than other drivers. There were 4,502 deaths and 82,000 people injured just in 2010.These accidents cost $16 billion that year, not counting future medical care. Wow.

Motorcycle drivers are extremely vulnerable since they are so unprotected. Many drivers either don’t see them or don’t respect their right to drive on the road. In the case I just settled, a woman tried to cut across a busy road in front of the young man and easily could have killed him.

Motorcycles have been increasing in popularity and I am handling more of these cases than ever before.The largest increases or were for riders over the age of 40, often riding bikes with greater horse power.

Last year, I represented the widow of an older man who died several weeks after he was hit by a doctor in Keller, as well as a Harley rider who had just had triple bypass surgery who was cut off by a lady in the wrong lane in downtown Fort Worth, and other people hit by motorists.

I have owned and rode a motorcycle in the past. And I’ve been representing people injured on motorcycles and in motor vehicles for over 32 years now and fighting to get my clients the money they deserve. Please contact me if you or a loved one have been hurt in a motorcycle wreck in Texas.

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