Back From Trial Lawyers Conference in San Francisco

The annual meeting of the American Association for Justice in San Francisco was, as always, excellent. I attend these conventions for many reasons: to learn the latest trial techniques, study the latest cases and regulations, network with other trial attorneys, meet with vendors selling products and software that can help my clients (and yes, to go to some great cities and get out of the heat).

The day long seminar put on by the Truck Litigation Group was especially good. Thanks to the organizers for all their hard work. Topics included

— Case Investigation: Spoilation of Evidence, Restraining Orders, and Experts
— Focus Groups, Jury Selection, and Opening Statement
— Traumatic Brain Injuries and Spinal Cord Injury
— Experts and Sequencing of Proof
— Direct Examination of the Truck Expert and Reconstruction Expert
— Cross-Examination of the Truck Driver and Company Safety Manager
— Case Themes and Closing Argument

It is my goal to be the best attorney to fight for my clients against the powerful insurance and business companies that try to deny their rights to fair compensation.

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