Dallas State Rep. Found At Fault In Car Accident

State representative Stefani Carter recently got into a car accident with Rolando Cerezo as she was cutting across a busy road. However she denied that she was at fault and worse, at a Republican forum, claimed the relatively minor accident was a “life-altering event.”

Police have released their investigation and determined that Carter was the one at fault and that she wasn’t even injured.

Cerezo was driving his Honda Civic southbound in the 15000 block of Quorum Drive in Addison when Carter drove her Mitsubishi Outlander out of a parking lot and crossed Quorum Drive heading north. Carter’s vehicle struck Cerezo’s as she attempted to turn left to go southbound on Quorum.

Cerezo’s car sustained severe damage, with the front-left wheel getting so smashed in that it broke off the axle. He hurt his neck and back. The lack of transportation has affected his ability to get to his job at DFW Airport. Cerenzo also disputes Carter’s claim that her car was totaled, noting that only her front bumper came off.

Meanwhile, Carter has been embellishing the story of her car accident in the Republican primary, where she is facing three opponents. At one point, during a candidate forum, she compared her experience to that of an opponent, Sam Brown, a veteran who served in Afghanistan and suffered serious wounds. She claimed that she could have died in the wreck and that it made her rethink her purpose in life. Really?

All drivers — including our elected officials — have a duty of reasonable care to other drivers on the road and their passengers. That duty includes obeying the laws and driving cautiously, including looking both ways before entering an intersection, or the roadway from a side lot. Those who are injured in a car accident that was not their fault have the option of hiring a personal injury attorney and filing a lawsuit against the other driver.

Carter filed a claim against Cerezo’s insurance company, which was (of course) denied. His attorney has now filed against her carrier and has indicated that he will file suit if it does not compensate his client.

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