Old American and Fred Loya Officially the Worst Companies

Today’s Dallas Morning News has a n article on the front page about how terrible a lot of Texas auto insurance companies are. Really?

The ones listed above are among the worst I have to deal with on a daily basis. But there are more. A lot more.

For example, today I had to represent a nice man, Roberto, during a totally unnecessary interrogation insisted upon by one of the three largest and supposedly more reputable carriers (State Farm, All State and Farmers). I was told that if I did not produce my client for interrogation, I would receive a zero offer and have to file suit — this in a case of clear liability with serious injuries and substantial lost wages. But my client does not want to have to go through the lengthy, expensive and nerve-racking litigation process if he could avoid it, so before filing a lawsuit on his behalf, we had to submit to 30 minutes of routine questions we had already answered and now wait for the adjuster to make us a fair offer.

Note to adjuster: I will file suit next week if you do not make a good faith offer.

It’s about time the media publicize these sleaze ball companies that deny and delay the payment of legitimate claims when innocent people like you are crashed into. I often file suit rather than waste time dealing with these companies and fight to get my clients the money they are entitled to.

The News reported that Loya Insurance, which collected $271 million in premiums last year, had a “complaint index” of 2.4, nearly 2 1/2 times the state average.

Old American, which had premiums of $575 million — that’s over one half billion dollars, folks — had a complaint index of 3.96, nearly four times the state average.

These two companies, amoung others, prey on people with lesser credit or finances tht the better companies decline to insure.

Consider how many thousands of people get ripped off by these and other companies, especially when they are not represented by an attorney, and don’t know how to file a complaint witht he Texas Department of Insurance.

I have provided the link for the complaint form in my next post.

According to the newspaper, TDI is investigating both companies.

Yeah, right.

As for Old American, the agency has accused it of arbitrarily canceling hundreds of auto policies after customers were involved in accidents.

Complaints that drivers filed with the state included such practices as delays in processing claims, “low-ball” offers and settlements, denial of claims and liability disputes.

One of our clients was rear ended by a car insured with ACCC and needed a knee surgery due to the wreck. Her medical bills were over $30,000.00. However Old American only offered $10,000.00 and I filed a law suit. After a year of litigation, I made it pay the entire policy limits available, It should have paid this sum a long time ago. I filed an underinsured motorist claim with my client’s insurance and obtained her maximum benefits without filing suit.

TDI said that Old American illegally rescinded hundreds of auto policies between 2005 and 2009 after claims were filed against the company on those policies.

I encourage any one who has trouble getting a Texas auto liability company pay his damages to contact my office.

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