Dallas DWI Cop DWI, Hits And Runs, WTH?

Dallas police officer Erica Montanez was arrested last night after she drove while intoxicated and crashed into another car at North Central Expressway and Mockingbird Lane.

Then one of Dallas’s finest sped away with the other driver hot in pursuit. The cop swerved back and forth on the busy expressway but exited at Knox-Henderson because she couldn’t get away. The motorist cornered her at a gas station where she had boodshot eyes, slurred speech and lost her balance. She admitted to drinking three Cosmopolitans at a restaurant at NorthPark mall — so we can assume she had more.

The officer angrily refused to take field sobriety tests, breath or blood tests to determine her alcohol level. What galls me even more is that she had worked on the DWI task force arresting people just like herself.

And she didn’t have her driver’s license with her.

She has been suspended from the force (thank God).

We have many fine police officers in the DFW area, but unfortunately there are some bad ones as well. I have posted about this several times before to draw attention to this problem.

It’s a shame that a few of the very people we pay to uphold our criminal laws and protect us from lawbreakers choose to break these laws. I call for our police departments to crack down on the rogue officers in their ranks and insure that we will not be crashed into by drunk policemen and women. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it?

I love to go after drunk drivers. If you have unfortunately been crashed into by someone, please contact me to discuss your case so I can get you the money you deserve.

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