Policy Limit Obtained After Motorcycle Crash Denied

We had the pleasure of representing a very nice young man who was riding his Harley Davidson in north Fort Worth last year. At an intersection, our client thought the driver in front of him was going to make a right turn, but instead he made a left turn and the two vehicles collided.

Unfortunately, the police officer blamed our client, who had already been rushed by ambulance to the hospital with a broken leg and didn’t have the chance to explain his side of the story. His claim was denied and he hired Berenson Injury Law to help him since we have successfully handled a lot of motorcycle crashes.

After a lot of pretrial investigation and protracted negotiations with adjusters and attorneys, we were able to make the insurance company pay the entire limit of the policy. The company’s lawyer believed he could easily win the case in court. Then we drastically reduced the young man’s medical bills, cut attorney’s fees, and waived expenses. As a result, our client received $20,000 of the available $30,000, an excellent result.

Most drivers in Texas carries this amount of insurance coverage, and there were no other insurance proceeds or assets, so this was the best result our client could possibly hope for. The advantage of the settlement was that he got more money than he expected relatively quickly. This saved him from spending thousands of additional dollars and waiting up to two years to present his case to a jury where he easily could have received nothing.

We were going to file suit and fight for him either way since we were not going to let him be denied the compensation he deserved.  Fortunately, his leg has healed. This was a small but satisfying result.

Our client picked up his check and graciously wrote this review:

*****  “Outstanding staff that are so helpful with everything!! Always have my good faith and trust!  Mr. Berenson got me an incredible settlement amount when the other guys didn’t want to pay. I’m recommending him to everyone!!!”
Antonio, thank you for allowing us to represent you and for that beautiful note.

Please contact us if you need a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth to help you with your car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian case.

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