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Top-Rated Texas Facial Injuries Lawyer

Facial injuries can be one of the most traumatic aspects of a car crash. Damage to facial features can cause difficult and painful disabilities. In addition, scars and disfigurement of the face can greatly affect your appearance and result in traumatic psychological repercussions for which you should be fully compensated.

Founded in 1982 in Fort Worth, Berenson Injury Law is dedicated exclusively to auto and truck accident recovery. We handle complex claims, including injuries to the scalp, forehead, eyes, nose, cheek, jaw, bones, and skin of the face. If your face was injured in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, we can fight to help you recover the maximum possible damages.

Eye Injuries

The impact of your face hitting a hard object during an auto accident can cause broken eye socket bones or hemorrhage within your eyeball. A foreign object may also pierce your cornea or cut the surrounding tissues. These injuries may result in visual disturbances or temporary or permanent reduction in sight.

Nose Injuries

A fracture can leave your nose permanently bent or crooked. You might also suffer from a deviated nasal septum, difficulty breathing, changes to smell, chronic nasal stuffiness, and increased sinus infections.

Jawbone Injuries

A car or truck accident is a leading cause of mandible fracture and dislocation. In the short term, you may have difficulty eating, breathing, and speaking. To support healing, your surgeon may wire your jaw shut, which can lead to complications in oral health and hygiene. Trauma to the jaw often causes temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which can result in chronic headaches, neck pain, and teeth grinding.

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Any level burn to the face is considered serious because of the higher risk of complications and the greater difficulty in treating the injury. Burn treatments may include multiple reconstructive surgeries and skin grafts. When recovering from financial damages, our firm also advocates for compensation for the emotional effect of facial scars and the cost of plastic surgery and rehabilitation.


Although improvements in windshield glass design and seat belt restraints have reduced facial injuries associated with ejection, facial lacerations remain one of the most common types of car crash injuries. Flying debris and glass shards from the shattered side or rear windows pose a threat to the vehicle’s driver and passengers.

Recover Damages For Scars And Disfigurement

Facial injuries can have a dramatic, lasting effect on your life. In addition to disabilities and potential complications, you may experience psychological and emotional trauma due to the highly visual nature of facial scars and disfigurement.

Insurance companies often try to claim that facial scars and disfigurement are cosmetic or not covered by their policies. However, scars can affect the flexibility and movement of the surrounding tissue and underlying organs in addition to devastating psychological and emotional consequences.

Insurance companies also often claim that broken teeth are a separate uncovered dental issue despite the serious impact oral injuries can have on your ability to eat, talk, and breathe and the increased risks of infections.

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