Quarantine Has Not Stopped DFW’s Drunk and Reckless Drivers

The COVID-19 virus has forced most people to stay home. So you would assume that our North Texas roads, with less traffic than in decades, would be safer, right? Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Many innocent drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have recently been injured in scores of collisions. And expect a return to the 80,000 crashes we have in the Metroplex each year once the restrictions are lifted and normal traffic resumes.

DFW crashes this week

Here are a few of the local crashes that were reported online in the past week:

Times are scary, but that’s no excuse

We understand that a lot of people are stressed out, scared, and depressed about what is happening. Our lives have been disrupted like never before. Millions of Texans have lost their jobs or have had their hours cut back.

But that doesn’t justify people driving or using drugs and drinking, speeding, staring at their cell phones, and then crashing into other vehicles. You can’t blame that on the pandemic.

We can help you

With all of the collisions still happening, Bill Berenson, a top Fort Worth car accident lawyer, is working harder than ever to get his clients the money they deserve.

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