$500,000 In Accident Recoveries Announced

We at the Berenson Law Firm have been working hard to get our clients the maximum compensation they deserve. In the last few weeks, we have successfully resolved these three $100,000.00-plus cases.

1. Tractor Trailer Hits SUV on I-35

My client was driving to work when an 18 wheeler hit his vehicle, forcing him into the concrete barrier. My expert downloaded the tractor trailer’s black box which showed that the truck driver was driving over the speed limit in a construction zone. This hard working man, a Navy veteran, had to have arthroscopic shoulder surgery. We fought to successfully resolve his case at a mediation for the sum of $175,000 just before trial.Our client was very pleased and graciously wrote this review:

Did an AWESOME job with our case. He worked hard to obtain all the facts and information needed to help our family to get back to normal. He is a true fighter for his clients and dedicated. He is definitely a force of nature when it comes to his clients. I would highly recommended this guy to anyone. His entire team was amazing!

2. Car runs light and hits SUV in Fort Worth

A photographer was turning left at a light when a teenager crashed into her. Three years later, she underwent surgery to her lumbar spine. I took the teen’s deposition and began with “the collision is your fault, isn’t it?” Answer: “Yes.” His lawyer (too late): “Objection.”
I made the insurance company pay the $100,000 liability limits of the driver’s father and then substantially reduced my client’s medical bills. I am now in the process of making her company pay her entire underinsured motorist policy and will file suit if it doesn’t.

My client very nicely wrote this review after I won an important hearing for her:

Very Happy I was in a wreck several years ago and after my attorney did nothing and then dropped my case I called Mr. Berenson. He took my case very last minute and did a wonderful job. I called him after calling several other attorneys 4 days before I was due in court. I would not recommend anyone have to do it this way, it was very stressful. He agreed to represent me, communicated with me well and kept me very informed. I look forward to continuing to work with him to resolve my case and would highly recommend him to anyone who asked me for a Personal Injury Attorney in the Fort Worth area.

3. Runner hit by car in Arlington

A man who was also a veteran was out jogging when a truck hit him. The driver fled the scene but was apprehended. As a fellow runner, this outraged me. The vehicle owner’s insurance company denied payment, saying the driver was an illegal alien and was excluded from coverage. I was able to make the company pay the owner’s policy limits, then obtained my client’s substantial underinsured motorist and other insurance, for a total of over $225,000.00. We then slashed his medical bills. He kindly wrote:

Mr. Berenson and his firm did an amazing job settling my personal injury claim. I was involved in an auto-pedestrian collision in December, and was hospitalized for nearly six months. His team met me at my recovery facility to go over any paper work and were diligent in keeping me updated every step of the process. I have nothing but high praise and would refer anyone to him in the future. He truly cares for his clients well being and did everything in his power to get me every benefit I was entitled to.

I am blessed to have such wonderful clients. Thank you for the privilege of representing you.

There have been many other successful recoveries of money this year. Here are more reviews of our firm, on the chance that you are researching the best injury lawyer in Fort Worth and Dallas to hire for your injury case. Call us or email us here. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve — and then fight for more!

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