Another I-35 Crash Claims Life, This Time A Famous Texas Artist

Art World Mourns Loss of a Great Sculptor

I’m sad to report that Jesús Moroles was killed Monday in a car collision on Interstate 35 north of Georgetown. He was travelling from his hometown of Rockport to Chickasaw, Oklahoma, where he was commissioned to create a sculpture. The cause of the collision is not known.

From Humble Beginnings to Museums Throughout the Country

Jesús Moroles was born in Corpus Christi, where both his parents were cotton farmers and he also grew up working in the fields. He attended El Centro College in Dallas and graduated from the University of North Texas. The 64 year-old artist earned wide recognition during his life, including the 2008 National Medal of Arts and the 2011 Texas State Artist award. His sculptures are displayed all over the United States, including two in Dallas.

Summertime Is When We Americans Hit the Roads

Unfortunately, summer is also called “the 100 deadliest days” of the years for drivers, according to Road Safe America. This year, an estimated 13,000 of us will tragically be killed in June, July and August in automobile or truck collisions. And some roads are more deadly than others.

Interstate 35 Is Incredibly Dangerous

Any one who has driven south from Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin knows just how harrowing road conditions can be. In fact, this stretch of interstate was rated the 13th most deadly highway in the United States, with a shocking 1.15 fatal accidents per mile and 659 fatalities from 2004-2008.



Here Are More Statistics That Will Make You Slow Down — Or Not Drive At All

In 2014, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports the following numbers:

* 3,534 Texans died, an increase of almost 4% over the year before

* 17,152 Texans were seriously injured and 237,941 of us were injured

* 1,041 Texans were killed where a driver was DWI

* 483 Texans were dilled where a driver was distracted

* There was a reported crash ever 66 seconds

We Help Victims Of Highway Crashes Recover Their Damages

Berenson Injury Law knows Interstate 35 — and almost of the Texas interstates — all too well. We are currently representing several clients who were hit on I-35, with one case against an 18 wheeler company and its driver going to a mediation next week. Several years ago, we represented a student at the University of Texas who was driving back to Austin when a tractor-trailer crashed into her SUV not far from where Mr. Moroles died; we fought to achieve a significant recovery for her after suing the truck driver and his company.  And we are in the process of filing suit on behalf of her mother in a different crash that has severely affected her life. Here’s a photo of my client’s SUV in the Waco area crash:

We Can Help You

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