Ride of Silence Raises Awareness of Cyclists’ Rights

Thousands of cyclists around the world joined together on Wednesday for the eighth annual Ride of Silence. This said memorial was started in Dallas in 2003 to honor the endurance cyclist Larry Schwartz who was hit by the mirror of a passing bus and was tragically killed. The event reminds the public to share the road with cyclists.

I think this race is a great way to raise public awareness. I have unfortunately represented my share of cyclists injured due to the carelessness of motorists and is one reason I run more these days than ride.

Friday is National Ride to Work day and I plan to participate. We need more people riding bikes like in other cities. There are plans to increase the number of bike-friendly roads which I applaud.

Next Saturday and Sunday, the Colonial Golf Tournament will store bicycles free of charge near the Log Cabin Village and donate $10.00 to the Streams and Valleys Organization which maintains the wonderful TrinityTrail where we ride and run. The Trail is outside my window and it is nice to look up from my desk and see someone going by during the day.

Cyclists, please be careful out there!

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