by By Rex Roy | AOL Autos

Road rage is nothing new to anyone who’s spent time behind the wheel of a car, but is it as common as we’re led to believe? A recent survey by The Affinion Group found that despicable road manners are still all the rage, but where those driving habits translate into violent driving behavior is a debatable topic.

In Affinion’s survey, drivers rated New York as the nation’s least courteous, angriest, and most aggressive.

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked as number two in the study!

To deal with frustration on the road, Peterson recommends this acronym: FIDO. Forget It and Drive On.

“It is often best just to keep on driving,” said Peterson.

If you’ve encountered an aggressive or obnoxious driver, don’t “return the favor” of a one-fingered salute or some other gesture. Just keep driving and keep your cool. In the worst situations, a simple gesture that communicates, “I’m sorry,” will diffuse a tense encounter.

Additionally, simply paying attention to the task of driving will prevent most negative encounters. Drivers from all 25 cities surveyed agreed that distracted drivers attract the most ire and cause the most problems.