North Texas Runner of the Year Competition

I was humbled to have just been named one of the runner ups for the Runner of the Year competition conducted by the excellent (and only) web site that covers North Texas running, Clines Running Corner.

And I am truly honored that this was my third year in a row, as there are so many elite runners in our area (and most are a lot younger than 58).

After the wonderful marathon in Israel last week (I’ve included a photo of me finishing, the
first time the sign was also in Hebrew), I ran a fun 10K yesterday in Trinity Park. I’ll run with the children at Mendoza School on Friday afternoon to get them ready for their Cowtown 5K next month and run a hilly half marathon on Saturday at Lake Benbrook.

One of the many reasons I run is so that I will have the energy and stamina to take on insurance companies and their law firms which wrongly try to prevent my clients from getting the money they deserve.

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