Tanker Truck Explodes Injuring 2 People

Last Friday in Houston, a tanker truck carrying almost 9000 gallons of fuel exploded as it headed west on a service road of the North Sam Houston Tollway. As the tanker truck was driving, a car ran a red light and forced the truck to swerve. When the tanker veered it crashed into a passenger van. The impact of the truck accident caused the semi tanker to rollover on its side and burst into flames. Fuel poured from the tanker, feeding the fire and spilling into the drains of the sewer system.

The fire burned so hot that It took firemen almost an hour to put the blaze out. The driver of the car that ran the red light and caused the collision was treated and stabilized at the scene before being transported to a Houston Hospital. The driver of the tanker truck was thankfully unharmed.

If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, it’s imperative that you hire an attorney with experience handling truck accidents. I’ve been handling truck accident cases for over 30 years and work hard to get my clients all the money they deserve.

I was able to obtain a $1,500,000.00 aggregate gross settlement for the family of Robert Walters, a wonderful young commercial tow truck driver who was tragically killed in 2005 as he was underneath a stalled 18 wheeler on 135 north of Denton.

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