Sarah Saldana To Be Named The next U.S. Attorney in North Texas?

More potential good news for our Hispanic citizens: After Sonia Sotomayor took the bench as the first Latina in the history of the United States Supreme Court, Sarah Saldaña might become the first Hispanic U.S. Attorney in our Northern District of Texas, which covers Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding counties.

Ms. Saldana is an currently an assistant U.S. Attorney in charge of public corruption. She recently successfully prosecuted sleazy former Mayor Pro tem Don Hill and his wife, and their corrupt business associates on bribery and extortion charges in addition to nailing former state representative Terri Hodge.

The Republican party has been pushing Saldana in an obvious effort to gain the votes of Mexican-Americans and to embarrass the Democrats for this sordid behavior.

As the political wrangling continues, this important position has been vacant for 17 months.

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican, has urged President Obama to nominate Ms. Saldana. I opposed Senator Cornyn when I filed a lawsuit attempting to show serious violations of our Constitution had been committed during the 2000 national election and he was the Texas Attorney General. More information is available under “In the News” at the top of my web page.

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