Do You Have To Repay Your Health Insurance Company?

If you are covered by health insurance and it pays your medical bills from your automobile or truck collision, under certain circumstances it may be entitled to subrogate (get reimbursed from the other driver’s liability insurance policy). These plans normally pay only a portion of the entire bill and the balance is usually written off, so that saves you a lot of money. Each plan is different and we examine them to see if they have complied with federal law, and if so, we negotiate to reduce the remaining balance. It’s a win-win for my clients.

As a local personal injury attorney who graduated from SMU Law School in 1979 and has practiced here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 33 years, this is one way I help my clients get the maximum recovery of money. I personally meet with them, answer their questions, work their files diligently, and either fight for good settlements or file lawsuits to obtain the most money that I can. This is a winning strategy that pays off.

My law firm also assists our uninsured clients by working with their health care providers to make sure they provide high quality medical services, then try to get them to reduce outstanding balances. We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing this.

Please contact us about your motor vehicle collision accident claim so we can immediately develop a winning strategy for you.

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