Six People Killed In Tractor Trailer Crash in Kentucky

Yesterday an 18 wheeler that had been speeding and tailgating a Ford Expedition crashed into its rear on I-65 south of Louisville, killing a husband and wife and their three children, as well as another adult.The couple’s two adopted children were seriously injured. The Expedition exploded upon impact.

And there was a pile-up involving a tractor-trailer in the other direction due to onlookers, which hurt at least three more people, including the drummer for singer Kellie Pickler. He is in serious condition in the ICU of the University of Louisville Hospital.

Police say that the company that owns the 18 wheeler had already gotten at least 17 traffic tickets and been cited for failure to maintain its vehicles in the two years before the crash.

The site was just 15 miles from where 11 people died in 2010 when a tractor-trailer crossed the median and hit a van carrying a Mennonite family. Ten people in the van and the truck driver were killed. The National Transportation Safety Board found that the truck driver was distracted by his cell phone.

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