How To Successfully Pursue Commercial Truck Collisions

Dallas-Fort Worth Attorney’s Investigation and Trial Prep Checklist

During the past 35 years I have represented 18 wheeler accident victims, I have fine-tuned my investigation and trial preparations. Each step we take is designed to reach the maximum possible settlement or verdict for our clients.

1. Collecting Evidence from the Crash Site

Early investigation of a commercial vehicle accident is crucial. Corporations descend upon the crash site within hours of the accident to conduct damage control. We are working on a case where a senior attorney was at the scene at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning talking to company employees, examining evidence, and taking photographs and video. Then the accident is cleaned up right after law enforcement finishes its investigation. As soon as we are retained, our representatives visit the scene to represent your interests before evidence is permanently lost. 

We interview talk witnesses while their memories are still fresh and analyze debris scatter, positions of the vehicles, skid marks, roadway conditions and other evidence that build your case. 

2. Investigating the Collision

We don’t just rely upon police reports and their analysis of the evidence. We inspect the tractor-trailer with the assistance of highly trained experts. We go over the entire vehicle with a fine-toothed comb, looking for the smallest piece of evidence that could lead us to the causes of the crash.

We also subpoena phone, GPS, black box and other records to determine what occurred in the days, hours and seconds before the crash. 

Applying this level of diligence, we have often discovered the smoking gun. 

3. Serving the Preservation Letter

The preservation letter puts the trucking companies, driver and their insurance companies on notice that we are filing a claim against them and that they are required by law to preserve evidence. We also request logbooks and initial reports on the driver’s activities and other potential causes of the tractor-trailer wreck.

4. Identifying Liable Parties 

Tractor-trailer accidents often have multiple defendants. We almost always name both the tractor-trailer company and the driver. We may also hold other corporations, mechanics, and municipalities accountable for the crash.

5. Conducting Discovery 

Discovery is the legal process in which parties in a lawsuit exchange information. During the discovery process, we acquire important documents, including:

  • Company’s hiring and training policies
  • Employee manual
  • Cell phone, sleep and drug policies
  • Logbooks
  • Maintenance reports
  • History of violations and accidents
  • Driver’s medical evaluations and drug testing

6. Calculating Your Damages

To calculate your damages, we consider both your immediate losses and anticipate future losses. we then gather the evidence to prove it. We pursue a damages amount based upon

  • Consultations with medical, financial and economics experts
  • Medical records, lab test results and doctor testimony
  • Medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries
  • Costs of vocational training and loss of earning capacity
  • Disabilities and impact on your quality of life
  • Your pain and suffering

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