Stripper Drops Her Wild Lawsuit Against Jerry Jones

In a surprise development, Jana Weckerly dismissed her controversial lawsuit for sexual assault against the Cowboys owner this morning.

Judge Dale Tillery had scheduled a hearing this afternoon on Jones’s motion to impose sanctions on the plaintiff and her attorney for filing a groundless lawsuit. If granted, the judge could have awarded substantial attorney’s fees to be paid. Jones’s attorneys had vigorously denied that the assault occured and argued that the five year statute of limitations had expired if it had.

Weckerly countered that the statute had been tolled because Jones had bought her silence for years with large payments and that Jones had been outside of Texas during part of those five years.

Incriminating photos of Jones groping another stripper taken by Weckerly have been widely disseminated. The plaintiff claimed that a memory card with photos of her with Jones had been taken by his lawyer and destroyed.

To add to the bizarre nature of this case, the parties were in an all night mediation that ended at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

The agreed judgment states that the statute of limitations had expired. Weckerly also agreed to redact the lurid allegations in her petition. Both parties and their attorneys agreed to be under a gag order.

So we will never know whether the episode actually occurred, let alone how the “exotic dancer” could have been injured if it had, whether she was paid “hush money” for years, or whether she now has been paid an undisclosed sum to go away.

I don’t get any where near cases like this but it’s been a crazy one, to say the least. No doubt John Grisham has alredy started writing his next novel.

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